Orthopedic and Sports Institute


The Orthopedic Sports Institute of the Fox Valley was expanding to become a regional force in the competitive orthopedic and sports medicine marketplace. We were chosen to partner with them to help bring their regional brand presence to life on the web.

OSI itself is about stripping away the barriers to orthopedic care—so we developed a responsive website that strips away barriers to understanding; OSI's language is accessible, not "medical." There is no jargon, and technical terms are explained. Since OSI was created to give direct access to a specific area of care in a streamlined fashion, their messaging does the same—everything is presented in straight, simple terms, in an economical way.

As a medical facility focusing on providing "Wow! Service," they now offer potential and existing patients a website redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to meet their needs, not the other way around. As such, Orthopedic Sports Institute now looks the part of the most comfortable and personalized orthopedic care facility in Northeast Wisconsin.